Small Space Design

At first Glance wat appears to be a table... an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water.
At first Glance, the water in these Mirror Ponds appear to be a table…an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water and the reservoirs are used to supply garden plants with hydration.

Here you will find examples of what we can do with an urban patio, closet, roof deck, garage or under stair area?

The Mirror Pond Garden with “Water Capture Feature” 

Water Conservation and easy planter irrigation. We have over 12 basic models including ready planted herb or seasonal garden inserts for walkways building lobbies and landings.. Various Water Level reservoirs are available as inserts into existing Planter Boxes.

Ask about Mirror Pond ground footings, artificial turf and specialty deck surface treatments, patio railing mounted shelving and other small space sun-deck solutions.

Building Security:
Temperatures rise in summer and sadly, so does crime. An open door or window makes good sense to let in fresh air…So, we offer solid steel custom fit gates for comfort and security…pet friendly designs with custom color finishes your friends and family will approve, and your property insurance company may offer a credit discount for having them.

Ask about our motion detecting Parking Surveillance Systems to Smart Phone APP.

Smart-Design Peddle Mount Bike Holders:
Get your bike off the ground and out of the pathway with this nifty device that side mounts your ride to a wall and gets the bike out-of-the-way once and for all. Benefits and features include:

  • Place low for children and higher for adults.
  • Use them to display a high performance bikes like art.
  • A great gift and can be used as a maintenance or polishing stand.
  • Makes use of Parking Stall, covered walkway or Storage Area.
  • Padlock secures the bike and an optional cable lock adds a second layer deterrent

When thinking about the Care, Maintenance and Wellness of your home.

Think about the smallest of spaces we all share in common is our own Body. How about the place you live? That interconnected system made-up of trillions of Human “cells”.

Could it be that YOU may be in need of a little renovation or maintenance yourself? Is your body due for a little home improvement, some much needed repair? Save money, live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

Learn more about good health from a Naturopathic Doctor?


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