The Black Hole of/is Canadian Family Law

Thank you Conrad Black.

We now have a miriad of things to talk about as the Legal Trade enters decline. Like the Media, we already know “the Lawyers can’t be trusted”.

The Solution is, umm, Data Centric… Simple to “Code” and the Judge probably will not mind. So trade in those Law Degrees kids, grab your surf board and go find yourself a new Job.

We had a fun poster in our home. Dad worked for IBM for 25 years. The Poster said to error is human… to really foul things up you need a computer.

True as that reference to user error may be we did eventually learn how to use them… even the kids can use computers now.¬† And once we get over our facination with xy-box and playerstation – the Mario is out of the bag and our Dear Lawyer Feinds (or Friends) depending on how you roll with it… This Trade… especially the Family Law Industry will become, and is now obsolete as a “practice” goes, Lawyers and Family Law is “old news”. Have we not suffered already just by asking for a divorce – people need help. Throw water on them…. Imagine being part of this group… Lawyers no more credebility or power than the all powerful and mighty Wizard of Oz… did , does, do-oh!

Hey – how do we get a “High Score” on this blog positng thing…? Ah yes… YouTube.

Follow the yellow brick road….



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