Nitro Brothers Racing

When the “phone” rang in the late part of 2016 a familiar voice said:  “we’re getting the old band back together”…  We knew right away that our job would be to tell people about it and what Dave was talking about would no doubt require fresh Photo’s, Custom Clothing Merchandise, Web Page Content and other Marketing Creative Design Services.

True to his word, a few months later a Fuel-Altered Class Race Car arrived and the crew at this Langley Last Stop Repair Shop was very excited to hit the track for licencing.  Yes, you need as License to drive a race car like this – headlights are optional and there is a tonne of safety know how that goes with this gig comes with the challenge to create a suitable market position is being developed ongoing as the team works to fine-tune their management of “the Car” which we observe now to be the Fastest Fiat in Canada.
Don’t let the name of the Auto Maker fool you.  It is an honour to support the legacy that is Dave O’Hara Racing who like many have long embraced this Italian Import.
Hot Wheels_5

In the 1950’s the Fiat 500 became a favourite automobile to modify and make very cool.  The cars nick-named “little mouse” arriving became a giant in America synonymous hanging out with Rat Fink and the Von Dutch Flying Eyeballs of the post-WWII California Hot Rod Custom Car Culture.  Just turning the key this Boombastic GroundPounder shakes scorpions out of the desert tundra.  Fiat Abarth

Today a Race Inspired Modern Fiat 500 shine brightly in the showroom as fuel efficient nanny mobiles the ABARTH factory team runs hot on European circuit tracks.  Here in Canada, Dave operates his 1948 body style version of craziness expected of a Real Life Hot Wheel.  This big boy toy goes beyond what can be sanctioned, the event organizers once called this class of NHRA membership an “Outlaw” Dragster.  This only hints to express how Dave’s new ride can in a straight line outperform the 0-60 and final top speed of any production vehicle in the Fiat-Dodge/Chrysler family.


Dave_Race-Sponsor-Tile-In all his business, Dave is a real pro as an example of how to succeed.  When he became a client about 2 decades ago in 1996, his project had some serious juice.  Dave was a star performer among the Top-Fuel All Harley Drag Racing speed demons sporting for big name brands like Pennzoil.

This time out, Dave has decided to put 4 wheels underneath his butt as he tackles the 1/4 Mile.
If the purr of an engine is music to your ears, we hear Dave has hidden some magic on the B-Side with the band playing along to some 511 cubic inch Hemi Nitro-methane burning aluminum -V8 is another story.

In the wild world of side-by-side racers,  this beastly “Topolino is a Fire Monster” even Godzilla would fear. A machine capable of blowing the pants off just about any Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa-Romeo or anyone else who wants to bring their pink slip out to the track to give it a try.  The action is as breathtaking as ever.

Nitro Brothers Topolino Scorpion Reference
In a separate post, we travel back in time to display a few of the hand made souvenirs we created in the 90’s managing the merchandise associated with Dave’s “Team Hell Racing” 650HP V-Twin Motorcycle.


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