MakeWork . (something)

This idea came along a long time ago – The project has only a working title because the final choice of URL has not yet been made. Unemployment should not be an issue for anyone who is motivated to attend a time and place to participate in activity centred on a topic of interest that the individual is inspired to attend.

Give me 10 minutes and we can create a business opportunity for anyone. First questing we ask is what is it that you care about?

Answer that question and it is 99.9% guaranteed a career of  “That” which you chose can be made. Why not have a Career? A job well done is a Career in the making. Our goal is to help build Careers through self-directed plans made backed by the potential that exists within. This is something “We” can do.

Mirror Pond Mentorship is Free and it Works! Because “Work” is a 4 letter word. At Mirror Pond we don’t use four letter words anymore.  We added an “S” and with that problem solved made somebody’s Mom very happy…   #Smile.