Apparel Cut & Sew (domestic)

The B2B services available at Direct Current Manufacturing Inc. is a project we are very proud as founders to support.  Since 1999 Direct Current has made it possible for clients large and small to an access exclusive standard of Apparel Production as resources previously been dominated by major fashion wholesale/retail accounts.  Demand for commercial cut and sew of the small batch clothing apparel has grown substantial bridging the needs of independent designers raises a cottage industry by volume into a lifestyle sector of high value among the core Canadian Small Business Category.

The burgeoning potential of a robust domestic apparel trade scene that emerged with the recent introduction of eco-conscience fabrics as a theory is a close cousin to the concept of a 100-mile diet. Small Batch Local Manufacturing is a category newly burdened with some very real environmental and societal concerns brings about need for stewardship in business development that must rightly follow.

Learn more about the potential found in today’s Domestic Sewing Trade at our corporate companion Blogspot 


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