Lighting Works with LED

Save money with New Generation LED

Convert any 48 Inch Fluorescent fixture to use LED by replacing the older style (chubby and soon to be) no longer available T12 60 watt fluorescent or more recently introduced (milestone to efficiency) narrow T8 32 watt fluorescent T8 12-18watt LED.

The value to cost difference is significant with a 5x longer lasting 50,000-hour lifespan is a welcome bonus to the immediate saving a dramatic lowered Energy Conservation of 50% or better. Cool running LED 48-inch replacement tube lights to provide a feature of safety too because unlike fluorescent the sighting source in no longer reliant on sealed pressurized gas eliminating the risk of a messy “burst bulb” clean-up.

Other features include the bragging rights of environmental stewardship, with payback rewarded by a lowered initial base fixturing cost, they operate without humming quite unlike the sound frequency that conventional fluorescents are known to emit, many people find relief, to enjoy clean instant on the light source without flicker or fray.

A reduced weight is practical too for low profile applications and because the tubes do not require the ballast transformer of days gone by, LED tube arrangements can be readily installed to are a versatile addition to designing themes show off value as the display-use of this format visible or not can be stylish, unique and innovative.

Get Free *Delivery with purchase over quantity of 6 units.

Choose from Warm / Cool / Bright choice of 3500, 4500 and 5500 colour temperature.

Residential and Small Business Full Service Price:
Vancouver (GVRD) $24.50EachInstalled.
Delivery: $12.50*

“Volume Discount Available for Commercial Account Installation”