Mirror Pond Locals

Connecting with the community to do good.  Here are just some of the Mirror Pond neighbours and shiny happy people we find helping out in our backyard…

Large Tree Spade in action
Truck mounted spade creates a hole, self-extracts tree by root ball and inserts with precision. Book a Tree Move

Mirror Pond Associate – Brad Sakiyama has adopted Dave Chalk’s EarthWorks Project.  Tree moving is part service/part artistic mastery – a stellar performance is visible in every stand.

Sakiyama Tree Movers fly the banner of a “Tree Saviour” Brad’s dedication as an investor of environmental stewardship confidently operates to the beat of his own drum. Rock On.


2017 – Mount Pleasant Business Association:  Requests Help as fundraising continues to get a “New Dude!” for Dude Chillin’ Park.  To Learn More… go to Dude Chilling Park Sculpture renewal Page. Buy a pin to make a donation.
We “love to like” and respect these Guys:
Meet Tattoo Tribe Founder(s):
National Geographic Documentary Film Maker
Photographer…Mr. Vince Hemingson and Inkman Mr. Tom Lockhart
Click Here to Learn More…

East Van Cross from StreetHey, Check it out! Memorabilia, Bric and Brac collectible merchandise.  Celebrating 30 years in the trade Mike Jackson, Studiotique is an authentic East Vancouver Designer Workshop with hundreds of Tri-G and “other stuff ” that fills an eclectic retail front is a showcase of all things Grubwear.
visit: Studiotique online or in person to get “Tri-G” Brand – Grubwear by Creator / Shop Owner: Mike Jackson  “the best place to get your East Van On” …” is located at 615Tri-G Logo Kingsway/ Fraser and 15th Ave. Go there Now.

For hand-crafted streetwise, cheeky inspired apparel design and shiny happy accessories, this Mike Jackson offers an accessible B2B (9-5) corporate custom screen-print and embroidery service point of presence that weeds out complication and the job gets done.

Think Pink: Meet this Vancouver Artisan, Illustrator and Social Commentator. MsPink Online Splash Page

Fundraising? Mirror Pond Creative shares insight and opportunity:

Read: “How to fundraise with merchandise” includes a list of top selling suggested easy to launch, custom clothing and logo merchandise.  Make a memorable sales promotion with quality image design handled by our team. Contact us for appointment or to view Samples

Native Educational College VancouverGet Smart!… Did you know about the Native Education College in Mount Pleasant Vancouver? Since 1969 this facility helps Lowermainland First People explore career learning. Learn more – visit the longhouse…

At Mirror Pond Creative – Our Ideas are flowing –  Savy “searchers” interested in Custom Clothing can pick and choose from a large collection of quality product offers – many suitable for value-added customization, bulk order wholesale or any uniform brand loyalty merchandise.
Graphic Services Available on Request. 

Browse products available for fund-raising merchandise campaigns, corporate uniform apparel, or give-away cross promotion, or brand-building accessory? Discounts For No-profits, Schools and Community Organizations. Just Ask.

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Go to MP Client Portfolio Product Gallery – Visit the Logo Merchandise Page.