Hey, you found us!  The Art Department @ Mirror Pond Creative:

Marketing and Design Service Providers.
What can Mirror Pond Creative do for you?

We understand that the “first rule” of Sales is to educate & inform the customer. And sometimes talking about yourself  can be a hard thing to do. Or maybe your just to busy?

To help with this challenge, we make promotional products, generate online content, design T-Shirts, display and special event advertising installations which includes to craft and create a wide range of sales support materials, proposals, brochures and other cool stuff.

Marketing Themes? To this task we adopt a third eye view. It helps to go in the right direction. So, we add a pinch of real life business experience and then apply some tactical insight to selecting the road which to travel…

If your message is properly communicated – people catch on. If they don’t we do things to give them a nudge.

Brand building is more than just a logo… But it helps to have one of those too. If you have a good product, we can start from there. Contact us: and see what happens – it’s a pebble in the pond.

Sample: National Client Account: