Is Tump, Todays Tom Sawyer?

Funny how this one got our ears are ringing with the volume turned off.   Shown here is a collection moving pictures and between the frames, we begin to here a familiar tune … “and what you say about his company – is what you say about society”  – Rush.

Surfing YouTube we notice Sara’s Facial Expression says there may be a set of growing statistics that are important to observe…
Sarah H..PNG

Noted the views 32,265 is simple to understand x 1 day = the 24hrs as the exposure time to reach this volume of audience.  In contrast, this CNN upload with a 19-hour exposure capturing ( 324,868 ) views may say something about the habits that attract our attention. Without listening to content, or researching other proof our question is what makes the world turnas it does.  We make no comment, to the right or wrong, in this post we only care about “Clicks”.  How traffic is generated that contributes to the What, Why Where, and How that New Media is expanding to become a polular as a choke hold that is now used to gain our attention.
Playboy March 23

To Make this study, by comparison, more topic neutral we began gathering other random or (blind) Time x Click References while heading towards this item as one of many news district offering we added to this post to show the capture rate for views as being similar to the Pull Sarah obtained  in about using the same amount of time for the exposure – the data impacted by the presence of a much larger content feature of almost 3x the length we suspect to think Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be wishing to an educated audience would invest their time to view.
This post from PPS capturing an audience of 42,480 views. Public Broadcast Service NewsHour is an organization we appreciate to be reasonably reliable… are a relatively handy source for quality content so with a rising tide of social media swallowing us whole with bits and bites… this observation which is an ongoing study had us revisit our purpose to the advocacy of women’s rights, security, and safety that can come from objectifying the female form by apparel brands and “other” product marketers.

Here we have a representative from a top-shelf men’s magazine getting 10 times the audience to free speak what appears to be most likely one side of a coin. And this is good. New technology is a fabulous platform for distribution of newsworthy articles and information. The questions these numbers suggest has everything to do with what the Consumer is buying.

This post is about human consumption and the negative /Impact /Influence and side effect /Marketing Advertisers can cultivate only the delivery has changed.

The Topic central in all three available choices is relevant to our times in the here and now as the future will quickly find us responsible to work harder be informed or we may have to admit we know nothing.  One thing for sure we have yet again arrived to find this fact to be true.

…”a brand new day”… Yes, but who is Today’s Tom Sawyer?


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