A Supreme Court Order to “discuss”, “matters”, “surrounding”… OK, sure!

The wording of this one little document got our wheelhouse turning.  More than a few people may be seeking to have a judge amend an Interim Agreement Made After Judicial Case Conference.  Yes, there is a billable legal process involved in that too, eh?  Can changing a court order be done weekly?  What about refunds?

We observe, making a court order was an idea that is useless because there is no obligation for quality control in a Legal Practice.  In this show, a smarty pant legal beagle takes to suppress a guy who has been exploited in business and gives him a court order to “discuss things” in a world where honesty is a weakness.

See what happens next when grownups start to “use their words”.  Proprietary rights and the existence of other protected material assets help things become even more interesting.

Enter a few uninvited guests to the party, to stir the pot, shakes things up – and see what happens next… For extreme sort of mayhem and disaster – insert one or two lies especially the kind the authorities will cling upon and Kapow! You guessed it a new reality of serial billing and contempt is created.  Working title: “Bad Lawyering – Family Style”?

Welcome to a new conversation involving meaningful dialogue and a Documentary Film.

Follow MirrorPond.net for a little reflection about this.  The goal of this presentation we hope will inspire a better understanding of how incredible the destructive ignorance. At MirrorPond.net we are counting down the days to the next step required to improve and enhance the best interest.  More will be shared in approximately 10 days (or 10 blog posts) whichever comes first.

Yes – we are as “Scheduled” as we have been well “Schooled” by our experience with bullies.  Copy That!  Yeilding to the need for a solution to a problem can take a little time… That is if the goal is to be factual, fair and centered on truth, “Old School” as the style dictates.

To become truly newsworthy requires we make good use of fact.  The benchmark hidden within this expose has potential template for change, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction Y’all… and so, this projected path has taken lots of time and $$$ to make possible important detail for the truth in these matters which by some twist of timing or fate can now be fully exposed almost.  A few names have been changed…nothing too weird.

In this good effort, we promise – a solution has most likely been found.

Thank you, Mr. Conrad Black.


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