Marketing Help in a Wysiwig World

There are new tools available to help the “DIY” and this is a very good place to start…

I’m sorry, but we are a little old school here. The abbreviated terms entering our language is challenging and quite frankly we avoid them. However, Wysiwig may have been one of the first and it sounds fun. “Do It Yourself” Graphics and design on the other hand, this frightens most business professionals and entrepreneurs out of their mind. No doubt you all have better things to do. Strangely enough, this article is for you.

A recent request from a friend to help with a Medical School class project required a little Image making from scratch. The request was for a simple graphic and the topic is of passionate interest to Mirror Pond so we did it right away.

explaindio_pro_v2_500pixIt made us realize that every business needs to compose, craft and create. At least, a little bit.

Software in a box does still cost the same. This one here about $900.00 – it just landed in our office and we are very keen to figure it out.

The friend needing the diagram has other friends who are now building their business fronts. We see them advertising for help with corporate image design assets.

Those who have gained some ground for their growing or yet to be determined client base find themselves looking for new ways to expand on marketing and promotion where this job focus is in no way the core competency they where trained to do.

So now you see the problem.
Healing Triangle for Naturopathic Medicine
The business created still needs to attract business. But the person who created the business isn’t in the business of creating collateral marketing materials and maybe they shouldn’t and many will say they can’t.

This is where our favorite inspirational inner Yoda steps in and says “Do”. If you must, temper the ambition. You can do a little without to much trouble and get help where you need it.

The custom diagram we made as shown made part of her grade. Our student of Naturopathic medicine needed a handful more. The quick answer – we downloaded them.

The Explaindio trial offer  is a good way to get access to the resources our friend did not have. Given to the person assigned to expand your corporate marketing face creatively the Explaindo resource may become part of an ongoing self-reliance capability that every business should have. Worth a look at any rate.


This link jumps straight to the part where we already know you don’t want to be dropping big money on design software but like our friend found out a little help can make a crappy class project complete easier and we think the 95% grade on the effort makes the post worth the mention.

Now, back to business, we are going to take a bite out of the bigger design marketing apple in the new year as we have to get back to selling this wine.



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