A 240 mph performance requires focus and attention.

don-mantillon-car-image-400pixDave O`Hara from Canada builds race cars like this Nitro Brothers Racing – Fuel Altered Fiat “Topolino” shown here sporting the Don Mantillon wine brand.

Extraordinary. Wait! “Fiat”!

Yep, this (Topolino Hot Rod) “Little Mouse” in Italian, is a 3000 hp V8 with blower featuring the ever classic 1948 Fiat 500 body style.

The Dragster got Mirror Pond attention with it’s “Small space” seating capacity for of one person. The car is simple by design but very difficult to drive.  Here comes the focus part.

Look closely now…The car is a a 1/4 mile, mean lean drag racing machine. Fast, about 0-60 in 1.243 seconds (pulling about 3G) and we ain’t talking bytes here.

Our bet is that your internet can’t go as daves-head-shot-with-helmet-onfast as this car. See, you blinked and missed the video we just played?   Hmm, You missed
it again didn’t you.

Good thing we got this image of the car parked in the garage. Maybe we can post that Video in slow-motion in another post. Really cool with that 300 foot wheelie and twin parachute to help with the slowing down and stopping part of the gig. School drop out? Maybe.

Who helps Dave with his focus and attention needs? This guy has to pay attention.

Answer: God and his Naturopath,  Dave says it’s best to see one on a regular basis for a little tune up where he gets access to nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, wellness counselling, physical medicine and botanical medicine.

And the other? “Heaven can wait, I have a car to fix”.

So what exactly does one do with a car like this?

Oh, OK. Now we get it.

Mama – don’t let your baby’s grow up to be – Drag Racers?
Learn more about Nitro Brothers visit the Race Team online.
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