Why Waterproof Concrete Surfaces, Walkways and Decks?

Most residential properties have some concrete surfaces such as a front walk or outdoor patio. In an apartment tower the sundeck may be what is called a suspended concrete slab. When water enters these surfaces corrosion of the reinforcing structural tron bar or ground surface below a path or walkway will begin to sink or give way. Cracks will form and eventually expand with heating and cooling. Eventually the surface needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sown here: Untreated Suspended Concrete Slab of an Outdoor Covered Stairwell that is exposed to rainfall
Untreated Suspended Concrete Slab of an Outdoor Covered Stairwell that is exposed to rainfall. The concrete has been repaired and the wooden stairs are aging from UV and foot traffic plus the affects of moisture to the exposed wood.

Similarly wooden sun decks, stairs and other flat surfaces are subject to aging decay and rot if water continues to penetrate the surface.

For surface repair and maintenance of these surfaces we recommend Tuff”-Flex. The product has the highest and most advanced (2014) 100% waterproof rating. Government tested, this Waterproof membrane is CCMC and LEED approved for new construction.

Where building maintenance and surface repair is required the Flex-Stone family of finishes provides additional benefits such as a low cost application, variable levels of slip resistant, and a remarkably attractive appearance.

The system application protects wood and other hard surfaces from environmental elements, erosion and general wear and tear. Installers can seal over tiles or blocks and compounds can transition ridge thresholds to eliminate trip hazards.

Stabilizing a surface and adding top coat adds years of life to a structure. Protect exterior landscape, pool enclosure, spa, wet room, kitchen or driveway surfaces. How about that for versatility from Surface Sealing process that is approved as a Roofing Product too!

Other Benefits and Applications Include:

  • Sound Dampening
  • Economical sun-deck or flat roof resurfacing with minimal landfill impact
  • Repair and extend the life span of wooden steps and porch deck surfaces
  • Prevent Leaks that cause structural damage to save property maintenance costs
  • Refinish Driveways and underground parking

Complete concrete repair plus seal and protect suspended concrete slabs and patio overhangs. This is especially important to do BEFORE a crack forms.

The Product is Flexible and S-T-r-e-t-C-h-E-S… so the possibilities are endless.

We like solvent free solution. The final catalyst is? …Water. Once cured it is impermeable, UV resistant and the surface cannot be defeated by time or standing pressure so it is use-able indoor for any number of uses such as in corridors, stage, commercial lobby’s, kitchens and other production areas.


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