We Love a Rainy Day!

Capture rain water for use another day.
This attractive shallow tray design captures rain water and irrigates the planter bed.

This Mirror Pond is doing exactly what it should do. The device gathers rain water.  The visual benefit of reflected light is extended as collected water is distributed to slow irrigation of neighbouring plants.  Other hidden value includes not visable water storage, and optional organic insect suppression.

Just a few hours of light rain fall has topped up our 5 litre 36 inch tray and the light reflections add character to the garden space.

With the drain port set to a very low flow it will take about 3 days for the unit to drain out the collected water and this will keep the bedding moist.

Homeowners enjoy the Design, Function and Ease of this simple solution to water conservation for low maintenance flower bedding maintenance.  This product line grouping is part of a larger initiative involves use of reclaimed materials, a new employment program project and part-proceed the revenue generated from our MirrorPond.net “Small-Space Design” as a collection of innovative /ideal, craddle to grave products that can be “made anywhere”.

The income earned creates a necessary source of goodwill revenue cash flow.  These fun profit funds regularly generated contribute to other important social sustainable project plans that are now active and underway.

Check back with us to learn more and see the variety of Mirror Pond Styles we have created for expression and purpose. In the next few months we will be posting images of the green roof work we are doing in the Vancouver Area.

Keystone to this is the TUFF-Flex / Flex-Stone 100% Waterproof roofing membrane and sundeck material we use to make it safe to create large surface areas of green-space and roof-top vegetable gardens on building structures that have previously been off limit to foot traffic because the roofing material was not designed to be walked on.


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