Small Space Design, Yard Works, Home Services Maintenance & Repair

The Mirror Pond creates a dreamy effect against a palette of dark green.
The Mirror Pond creates a dreamy effect against a palette of dark green.

Mirror Pond associates offer home owners functional and attractive options to beautify and enhance indoor and outdoor urban-living areas.

Mirror Pond Service Consultants share experience and evaluate job sites with a third-eye perspective that saves you time and money.  Simple property up-keep includes changing light bulbs, door handles and basic maintenance such as repairing a porch or loose railing…

Patios and sundecks have become the last frontier of underutilized square footage. We install watertight flooring, decking and custom storage solutions integrated into seating.

Mirror Pond water collection systems are available for self-irrigating planter boxes and other custom fixture designs transform even the smallest balcony into useful living space.

Inspired by the garden accessory of the same name and an international award-winning “City Garden” in France,…a Mirror Pond is an old school, water capture display, that doubles as an irrigation reservoir.  The device can reflect light to brighten a space which is especially welcome if the area has a limited amount of daylight.

For conservation of water, it becomes an attractive way to set up planters and down pipes to collect rain water that is funneled in into a storage reservoir.  In many case, the water is transported from the reservoir to supply potted plants or made part of a larger landscape theme to include subterranean soak-er hoses or drip lines that reach a particular target location within the bedding or garden space.  This is technology that dates back to Roman Times.  Other cultures provide excelent source of inspiration for domestic garden herbacious food producing terrace instalments.

The Mirror Pond team respects how water capture and conservation has reached a new level of environmental urgency as an important challenge “We” all can participate to attend.  Mirror Pond creatives see this as important as structural water management requirement – especially in the urban setting.  Environmental Stewardship is now a top concern conideration added to every project we take on.

The benefit of passive irrigation saves time and helps protect against planter or bedding dry out that can result in loss. Add a recirculating pump and the Mirror Pond uses it’s own reservoir to bring the display to life. We even use them to support free standing herb gardens to delicately supply water eliminating another task from the daily routine.

At first Glance wat appears to be a table... an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water.
At first Glance water appears to be a table… an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water.

Outdoor living environments require a balance between space and form.  A unique style with function is not always easy to achieve if your budget is limited or Strata restrictions have you holding back. Simple tasks like pressure washing and light repair are supportive to the evolution or full-scale renovation of a small patio, townhouse residence or detached home that requires estate level yard-works.

Our network affiliates are organized and cooperative Trade Professionals and Industry Specialists. Each company or individual does what they do well enough to become a member of the group and the group supports its members.

We are experienced to supply design, installation, yard-works, beautification, property maintenance and carpentry and construction.

Mirror Pond caters to practical or eclectic design interests. We connect handy skilled trade teams and specialty service installers to maintain, Improve curb appeal and value add in a way that is budget and strata friendly. The net result is a space that creates a reflection of your own personal style. Our trade affiliates are on hand to attend to simple repairs, painting, seasonal clean up and we have a host of “Strata Friendly” storage solutions and accessories to help you get more out of your time at home.

Contact us for a consultation of your individual needs. From climate appropriate plant selection to lawn care, we can show you all types of water collection for irrigation, lighting, outdoor kitchens, gas fire tables and other installations available to warmly dress a space.

Mirror Pond associates install and construct… we have guys who do flooring, Gals that build decks, built-in seating can double your storage space… Ask about Custom Fabrication using concrete, metal, brick, wood and fabric. The work-group communicates seamlessly to finish the job in good time so you can get on with the important task of living at a comfortable price.

Call or Text: 604.442.3714  / email or use our form tool to submit your request. A Mirror Pond Field Representative will call to discuss your project Need for Services, Quality and Design at “No Obligation” to you.



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