9 Habits for good sleep hygiene

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Everyone at some point in their lives is likely to have suffered some sleep loss due to any number of reasons, whether it is stress, lifestyle factors, or just “one of those nights”. It’s sweet dreams or  Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!… Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

Heck, burning the midnight oil is what got us here to making this post!
Sleep Hygiene is a term that refers to having good sleep habits in order to facilitate sleep quality. It is recognized that the performance of daily living has an impact on sleep quality, and using good sleep hygiene is a method that addresses this type of insomnia.

As you read this, take inventory of your own routine. If you are concerned that your sleep issues may stem from behaviours such as staying up late or other distractions, then it only makes sense to treat the condition with behaviour modification methods.

These are 9 simple habits that you can adopt for the promotion of better sleep.

1)   Keep a regular sleep schedule.

Get out of bed and go to bed at the same time every night. Even if your sleep is poor, you are training your body to develop a routine. We have natural circadian rhythms that dictate our sleep and wakefulness throughout the day but somehow, life interfered with that ability to take advantage of it. Take that back by showing who is boss!

2)   Exercise regularly (especially aerobic exercise) and no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Exercise is known to increase endorphins, which gives you a bit of a feel good jolt. This has an effect on physical and mental health, making it more likely that you will be able to wind down properly and get some sleep without having the energy to dwell on the things you can’t change anyways. A word of caution though: that elevation in endorphins can last a few hours so working out too close to bedtime means you are still too wired to actually sleep.

3)   Develop a relaxing routine that leads up to bedtime.

Programming yourself for bedtime includes having a good look at the things that keep you wired and therefore thinking when you should be giving in to the sweet escape of sleep. Think about the things you can do to induce relaxation and therefore sleepiness. Your boss’ opinions, your bills, and your kid’s schedule can wait until tomorrow. Before sleep, you can think about meditation, belly breathing, light reading and tea.

4)   Keep your bedroom quiet, cool and dark.

Light and noise promote wakefulness because your mind is alerted to pay attention. If you are a city dweller, you are plenty used to noise and light from the street. One tip for blocking out the light is using blackout drapes and as for the noise, earplugs may help to block out your noisy neighbors.

5)   The bedroom should be reserved for sleep and sex only.

“Conditioned Place Preference”

I don’t mind making you look that one up yourselves.

6)   Avoid heavy meals and liquids 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Quite often the cause of sleeplessness is heartburn or other gastrointestinal upset. Heavy meals and liquids can take several hours to digest and any kind of compromise in gut health in itself is distressing enough to cause sleeplessness.

7)    Avoid napping during the day.

This comes back to establishing a proper sleep routine. By napping during the day, you are removing a part of the picture that has your body saying that it is ready to go to sleep at a specific time of the day. Making your body ready to go to sleep for real involves having that specific time to go to sleep.

8)   Avoid caffeine and nicotine before bedtime.

These are both stimulants. Aka: they were meant to be alert inducing agents. You can’t be alert and ready for bed at the same time.

9)   Avoid watching the clock. Move it away from the bedside if necessary.

If you can see your clock, you are likely actively thinking about it….

Short term, skipping on sleep is just an annoyance that many can simply bounce back from at a later date. Unfortunately, there are those who suffer sleeplessness on a chronic level and at its worst, it impairs physical, cognitive, and emotional function.

However, people with a long term challenge may rely on pharmaceuticals that may alleviate their symptoms for a short time, but then end up experiencing tolerance to their medications or the pill popping routine fails to deliver a reliable benefit, the meds may simply stop working completely.

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Information can be empowering, but we all have unique health profiles and needs. The health-related information contained in this post is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a Naturopathic Doctor. The information is intended as a basis for individuals to discuss their medical condition with their health care provider. Always consult your licensed Naturopathic Physician, or visit the Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic for individual care.

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The Wellness Circle:
Healing Triangle for Naturopathic Medicine


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Marketing Help in a Wysiwig World

There are new tools available to help the “DIY” and this is a very good place to start…

I’m sorry, but we are a little old school here. The abbreviated terms entering our language is challenging and quite frankly we avoid them. However, Wysiwig may have been one of the first and it sounds fun. “Do It Yourself” Graphics and design on the other hand, this frightens most business professionals and entrepreneurs out of their mind. No doubt you all have better things to do. Strangely enough, this article is for you.

A recent request from a friend to help with a Medical School class project required a little Image making from scratch. The request was for a simple graphic and the topic is of passionate interest to Mirror Pond so we did it right away.

explaindio_pro_v2_500pixIt made us realize that every business needs to compose, craft and create. At least, a little bit.

Software in a box does still cost the same. This one here about $900.00 – it just landed in our office and we are very keen to figure it out.

The friend needing the diagram has other friends who are now building their business fronts. We see them advertising for help with corporate image design assets.

Those who have gained some ground for their growing or yet to be determined client base find themselves looking for new ways to expand on marketing and promotion where this job focus is in no way the core competency they where trained to do.

So now you see the problem.
Healing Triangle for Naturopathic Medicine
The business created still needs to attract business. But the person who created the business isn’t in the business of creating collateral marketing materials and maybe they shouldn’t and many will say they can’t.

This is where our favorite inspirational inner Yoda steps in and says “Do”. If you must, temper the ambition. You can do a little without to much trouble and get help where you need it.

The custom diagram we made as shown made part of her grade. Our student of Naturopathic medicine needed a handful more. The quick answer – we downloaded them.

The Explaindio trial offer  is a good way to get access to the resources our friend did not have. Given to the person assigned to expand your corporate marketing face creatively the Explaindo resource may become part of an ongoing self-reliance capability that every business should have. Worth a look at any rate.


This link jumps straight to the part where we already know you don’t want to be dropping big money on design software but like our friend found out a little help can make a crappy class project complete easier and we think the 95% grade on the effort makes the post worth the mention.

Now, back to business, we are going to take a bite out of the bigger design marketing apple in the new year as we have to get back to selling this wine.


A 240 mph performance requires focus and attention.

don-mantillon-car-image-400pixDave O`Hara from Canada builds race cars like this Nitro Brothers Racing – Fuel Altered Fiat “Topolino” shown here sporting the Don Mantillon wine brand.

Extraordinary. Wait! “Fiat”!

Yep, this (Topolino Hot Rod) “Little Mouse” in Italian, is a 3000 hp V8 with blower featuring the ever classic 1948 Fiat 500 body style.

The Dragster got Mirror Pond attention with it’s “Small space” seating capacity for of one person. The car is simple by design but very difficult to drive.  Here comes the focus part.

Look closely now…The car is a a 1/4 mile, mean lean drag racing machine. Fast, about 0-60 in 1.243 seconds (pulling about 3G) and we ain’t talking bytes here.

Our bet is that your internet can’t go as daves-head-shot-with-helmet-onfast as this car. See, you blinked and missed the video we just played?   Hmm, You missed
it again didn’t you.

Good thing we got this image of the car parked in the garage. Maybe we can post that Video in slow-motion in another post. Really cool with that 300 foot wheelie and twin parachute to help with the slowing down and stopping part of the gig. School drop out? Maybe.

Who helps Dave with his focus and attention needs? This guy has to pay attention.

Answer: God and his Naturopath,  Dave says it’s best to see one on a regular basis for a little tune up where he gets access to nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, wellness counselling, physical medicine and botanical medicine.

And the other? “Heaven can wait, I have a car to fix”.

So what exactly does one do with a car like this?

Oh, OK. Now we get it.

Mama – don’t let your baby’s grow up to be – Drag Racers?
Learn more about Nitro Brothers visit the Race Team online.
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Why Waterproof Concrete Surfaces, Walkways and Decks?

Most residential properties have some concrete surfaces such as a front walk or outdoor patio. In an apartment tower the sundeck may be what is called a suspended concrete slab. When water enters these surfaces corrosion of the reinforcing structural tron bar or ground surface below a path or walkway will begin to sink or give way. Cracks will form and eventually expand with heating and cooling. Eventually the surface needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sown here: Untreated Suspended Concrete Slab of an Outdoor Covered Stairwell that is exposed to rainfall
Untreated Suspended Concrete Slab of an Outdoor Covered Stairwell that is exposed to rainfall. The concrete has been repaired and the wooden stairs are aging from UV and foot traffic plus the affects of moisture to the exposed wood.

Similarly wooden sun decks, stairs and other flat surfaces are subject to aging decay and rot if water continues to penetrate the surface.

For surface repair and maintenance of these surfaces we recommend Tuff”-Flex. The product has the highest and most advanced (2014) 100% waterproof rating. Government tested, this Waterproof membrane is CCMC and LEED approved for new construction.

Where building maintenance and surface repair is required the Flex-Stone family of finishes provides additional benefits such as a low cost application, variable levels of slip resistant, and a remarkably attractive appearance.

The system application protects wood and other hard surfaces from environmental elements, erosion and general wear and tear. Installers can seal over tiles or blocks and compounds can transition ridge thresholds to eliminate trip hazards.

Stabilizing a surface and adding top coat adds years of life to a structure. Protect exterior landscape, pool enclosure, spa, wet room, kitchen or driveway surfaces. How about that for versatility from Surface Sealing process that is approved as a Roofing Product too!

Other Benefits and Applications Include:

  • Sound Dampening
  • Economical sun-deck or flat roof resurfacing with minimal landfill impact
  • Repair and extend the life span of wooden steps and porch deck surfaces
  • Prevent Leaks that cause structural damage to save property maintenance costs
  • Refinish Driveways and underground parking

Complete concrete repair plus seal and protect suspended concrete slabs and patio overhangs. This is especially important to do BEFORE a crack forms.

The Product is Flexible and S-T-r-e-t-C-h-E-S… so the possibilities are endless.

We like solvent free solution. The final catalyst is? …Water. Once cured it is impermeable, UV resistant and the surface cannot be defeated by time or standing pressure so it is use-able indoor for any number of uses such as in corridors, stage, commercial lobby’s, kitchens and other production areas.

We Love a Rainy Day!

Capture rain water for use another day.
This attractive shallow tray design captures rain water and irrigates the planter bed.

This Mirror Pond is doing exactly what it should do… Gather rain water.

Just a few hours of light rain fall has topped up our 5 litre 36 inch tray and the light reflections add character to the garden space.

With the drain port set to a very low flow it will take about 3 days for the unit to drain out the collected water and this will keep the bedding moist.

Homeowners enjoy the Design, Function and Ease of this simple solution to water conservation for low maintenance flower bedding maintenance.

Check back with us to learn more and see the variety of Mirror Pond Styles we have created for expression and purpose. In the next few months we will be posting images of the green roof work we are doing in the Vancouver Area.

Keystone to this is the TUFF-Flex / Flex-Stone 100% Waterproof roofing membrane and sundeck material we use to make it safe to create large surface areas of green-space and roof-top vegetable gardens on building structures that have previously been off limit to foot traffic because the roofing material was not designed to be walked on.

Small Space Design, Yard Works, Home Services Maintenance & Repair

The Mirror Pond creates a dreamy effect against a palette of dark green.
The Mirror Pond creates a dreamy effect against a palette of dark green.

Mirror Pond associates offer home owners functional and attractive options to beautify and enhance indoor and outdoor urban-living areas.

Mirror Pond Service Consultants share experience and evaluate job sites with a third-eye perspective that saves you time and money. Simple property up-keep includes changing light bulbs, door handles and basic maintenance such as repairing a porch or loose railing…

Patios and sundecks have become the last frontier of underutilized square footage. We install watertight flooring, decking and custom storage solutions integrated into seating.

Mirror Pond water collection systems are available for self-irrigating planter boxes and other custom fixture designs transform even the smallest balcony into useful living space.

Inspired by the garden accessory of the same name and an international award-winning “City Garden” in France,…a Mirror Pond is an old school, water capture display, that doubles as an irrigation reservoir. The device can reflect light to brighten a space which is especially welcome if the area has a limited amount of daylight.

For conservation of water, We set up planters and down pipes to collect rain water that is funneled in into a storage reservoir. In most cases, the water is transported from the reservoir to supply potted plants or made part of a larger landscape theme to include subterranean soak-er hoses or drip lines that reach a particular target location within the bedding or garden space. This is technology that dates back to Roman Times.

The Mirror Pond team respects how water capture and conservation has reached a new level of environmental challenge. We see this as important as structural water management especially in the urban setting and apply this concern to every project we take on.

The benefit of passive irrigation saves time and helps protect against planter or bedding dry out that can result in loss. Add a recirculating pump and the Mirror Pond uses it’s own reservoir to bring the display to life. We even use them to support free standing herb gardens to delicately supply water eliminating another task from the daily routine.

At first Glance wat appears to be a table... an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water.
At first Glance water appears to be a table… an Elevated Mirror Pond Collects Rain Water.

Outdoor living environments require a balance between space and form.  A unique style with function is not always easy to achieve if your budget is limited or Strata restrictions have you holding back. Simple tasks like pressure washing and light repair are supportive to the evolution or full-scale renovation of a small patio, townhouse residence or detached home that requires estate level yard-works.

Our network affiliates are organized and cooperative Trade Professionals and Industry Specialists. Each company or individual does what they do well enough to become a member of the group and the group supports its members.

We are experienced to supply design, installation, yard-works, beautification, property maintenance and carpentry and construction.

Mirror Pond caters to practical or eclectic design interests. We connect handy skilled trade teams and specialty service installers to maintain, Improve curb appeal and value add in a way that is budget and strata friendly. The net result is a space that creates a reflection of your own personal style. Our trade affiliates are on hand to attend to simple repairs, painting, seasonal clean up and we have a host of “Strata Friendly” storage solutions and accessories to help you get more out of your time at home.

Contact us for a consultation of your individual needs. From climate appropriate plant selection to lawn care, we can show you all types of water collection for irrigation, lighting, outdoor kitchens, gas fire tables and other installations available to warmly dress a space.

Mirror Pond associates install and construct… we have guys who do flooring, Gals that build decks, built-in seating can double your storage space… Ask about Custom Fabrication using concrete, metal, brick, wood and fabric. The work-group communicates seamlessly to finish the job in good time so you can get on with the important task of living at a comfortable price.

Call or Text: 604.340.4465  / email Alicante@BocopaCanada.com or use our form tool to submit your request. A Mirror Pond Field Representative will call to discuss your project Need for Services, Quality and Design at “No Obligation” to you.


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