We Love a Rainy Day!

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Is Tump, Todays Tom Sawyer?

Funny how this one got our ears are ringing with the volume turned off.   Shown here is a collection moving pictures and between the frames, we begin to here a familiar tune … “and what you say about his company – is what you say about society”  – Rush. Surfing YouTube we notice Sara’s Facial Expression…

Marketing Help in a Wysiwig World

There are new tools available to help the “DIY” and this is a very good place to start… I’m sorry, but we are a little old school here. The abbreviated terms entering our language is challenging and quite frankly we avoid them. However, Wysiwig may have been one of the first and it sounds fun….

Why Waterproof Concrete Surfaces, Walkways and Decks?

Most residential properties have some concrete surfaces such as a front walk or outdoor patio. In an apartment tower the sundeck may be what is called a suspended concrete slab. When water enters these surfaces corrosion of the reinforcing structural tron bar or ground surface below a path or walkway will begin to sink or give…

Small Space Design, Yard Works, Home Services Maintenance & Repair

Mirror Pond associates offer home owners functional and attractive options to beautify and enhance indoor and outdoor urban-living areas. Mirror Pond Service Consultants share experience and evaluate job sites with a third-eye perspective that saves you time and money.  Simple property up-keep includes changing light bulbs, door handles and basic maintenance such as repairing a porch or…